Healing Waters and Aloha Spirit

This summer, New York photographer Linda Troeller will exhibit selected works at the Kulturfabrik in Apolda. “Linda Troeller: Apolda – New York”, celebrates Troellers numerous pictures that connect the thuringian Tuscany of the East with her homeland, New York. Her photo art shows the beauty of nature and the wellness and spa world. So here is the connection to healing art.

The opening will take place on 28th June 2019 at 7 p.m. in the Kulturfabrik. The gallery will open its doors every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. until 4th August. Regular events will make a visit to the Kulturfabrik worthwhile. Especially the 13th of July 2019 should be mentioned here: With a gallery talk between Linda Troeller and Musia Heike Bus about “Healing Waters and Aloha Spirit”.

Linda and Musia met in 1997 in Bad Sulza, which resulted in a friendly and inspired collaboration in several fields: Bodywork, journalism and artistic design in the hotel. Water has always been the connecting element between the photographer from New York and the healing artist from Bad Sulza. With her book “Healing Waters”, Linda Troeller documented photographs of water therapies in the world’s great spas. Her publications and exhibitions making the beauty, sensuality and healing power of this element visible to a broad public.

Aloha means “The Presence of Breath“

Musia Heike Bus accompanies people preferably directly and individually in warm water. From the combination of Aqua-Wellness-Bodywork, Hawaiian and holistic massage, energy work and bathing in light and music with Liquid Sound she developed her own system called Liquid Bodywork®. The Hawaiian culture and the “Aloha Spirit” play an important role in this „ Gesamt-Körper-Kunstwerk“ developed in the Toskana Therme. “Aloha” is more than a Hawaiian greeting phrase for “hello”. Literally it means “The Presence of Breath“. It’s a synonym for being present in every moment. To see generosity and goodness in every person and to share this with each other with every breath. Aloha includes all natural elements, the land and the oceans, the fire of the volcanoes and the wind. Aloha is like a wave of benevolence and kindness.

More than a conversation

The gallery talk at 3 p.m. on the 13th July between Linda and Musia is therefore more than a “conversation”. It includes tastings of Hawaiian massage and hula culture. Linda Troeller’s fascinating photographs enter into a dialogue with songs and dances in the Aloha Spirit, introduced by Musia, in a team with Anita Auer and Ancke Kohlschmidt.

“Celebrate Aloha”

Do you want to dive deeper into the world of the Aloha Spirit? Musia Heike Bus and Anita Auer invite you to the workshop “Celebrate Aloha” in the water and on land – from July 15th – 17th. With Aqua Wellness/Liquid Bodywork exclusively in the Liquid Sound Temple, Huladance and Hawaiian Massage.

Full moon, water and hula spirit

On the 15th of July at an open evening is the possibility to get to know the Hawaiian women Lei’ohu and Maydeen. Two artists who are deeply rooted in the culture of their homeland, Hawaii. When they welcome the audience with “Aloha”, the spirit of the Pacific archipelago, which has so much more to offer than the usual clichés, resonates. More you experience during the live concert on the 16th of July. The Hawaiian music and the songs with which Lei’ohu and Maydeen enchant the bathers floating in the appropriately warm thermal water have a special meaning. Lei’ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao are ambassadors of Hawaiian culture. They are known beyond the islands for their work. Guitar, ukulele, hula dance and the soft voice of Lei’ohu Ryder & Maydeen Iao carry the audience through the concert. The message is always: Aloha!

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